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Grand Stand Grand Stand
В середине октября 2002 года, появился официальный сайт GRAND STAND
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Группа из Швеции. В своём архиве имеет пока только два альбома. Первый: "In The Middle On The Edge", который вышел в 1998 году. Полностью инструментальный диск. Всё в лучших традициях Genesis, периода 75-76 годов. Тот же звук(клавишных) та же грусть и красота. В меру сложен и излишне не наворочен.
Второй диск "Trick Of Time" вышел в 2002 году.Этот диск с вокалом. Вокалист, по тембру голоса, нопоминает Горана Форса из Галлеон. Так же очень похож на Genesis периода Trick Of The Taill(75)
В процессе прослушивания возникают аналогии с лучшими творениями THE FLOWER KINGS, только без левых заездов в джаз и проч. не понятные стили.Чистейший АРТ-РОК. Всем кто любит Дженезисоподобное звучание: обязательно иметь эти диски в своей колекции.

  • In The Middle On The Edge - оценка 10 баллов.

  • Trick Of Time - 11 баллов.

  • Yes, this is a nice album. The second opus from GRAND STAND is better than the first one, which was great! Two new members, Göran Johnsson (Lead Vocals and Bass) and Michael Rank Jensen (Guitar), complete the line-up with of course Olov Andersson on keyboards and Tomas Hurtig on drums. Some background vocals was performed by Fredrik Andersson and Hansi Cross, which is new here cause the first album is totally instrumental. The band itself say about their music: "moves in the same area as GENESIS, CAMEL and will for sure attract fans of PENDRAGON and ARENA". That's exact, just want to add that the music is not so far from the work of HACKETT, 1975 to 1980 and as much as GENESIS 70's works at times. Probably a more rock oriented album than the first one, which is composed in parts with some electronic feed. Wow! - this is a really nice one, played with honours and respect towards the progressive music genre. With lots of emotions this is a must. And "Old Man's Tale", yes this song will be a tale for a long time in the world of prog, what a nice piece indeed. Please buy this album just to help these guys to continue their nice works. One of the 2002 best albums for sure in my mind. (review by Denis_t)

    Далее текст скопированный с буклета

    Grand Stand would like to thank:
    Hansi Cross - you're the best. Martin Lindstrom - for all the hard work and support, everyone at Progress Records. Fredrik Andersson - our fantastic webmaster. Marcus Lindstrom - great job. Leif & Martin at Estrad Musik. Anders Wahlander, Leif Isberg - a stunning musician. Per & Gunnar at missing piece, Stefan "The Gentle Giant" Polzer, Johan Gottberg. Andreas Nyback, Thomas Holler at The Path, Goran Fors and Galleon. Cross, GARF, Marco at Colossus. Anders Fersters - a true fan, Fredrik Lind, Mattias Soderberg - another true fan. Mellotronen, Rivendell. Progression Magazine. Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Chad Hutchinson at Ghostland, Angular Records. Empire. Musea and all progressive music lovers in the world ... Stay Tuned!

    Michel Rank Jensen would like to thank:
    My loving family for always being there for me and for all the love and support. My Karin - you are wonderful. The Gipsy Kings (Leif. Tony. Demitri) - for great moments, all the great bands that has inspired me through the years, Pingstkyrkan in Ma'rsta - you've been better than good to me. all my friends (too many names, but I'll tell you when I see you), Olov - for all your patience and I especially want to thank the "guys" who arranged and got me my Fender guitar, without it this wouldn't be possible.

    Olov Andersson would like to thank:
    My family & friends for being there - I love you all, Tina g Linn - you give me the strength to carry on, ail the musicians § music lovers I've crossed paths with over the years - you are all my teachers, Grand Stand for setting out on this musical journey and for bringing me along and ail the Grand Stand fans everywhere for all the encouraging letters and e-mails. You keep Grand Stand alive!

    Goran Johnsson would like to thank:
    My family g friends for believing in me, Mikael Persson for lending me his bass guitar and Asa Folkhogskola for unvaluable education. Tomas Hurtig would like to thank: My family & friends for supporting me over the years and everyone who reads this and owns this CD.


    Further clause from GEPR
    Grandstand - Michael Rank Jensen (guitars, vocals), Olov Andersson (keyboards, vocals), Tomas Hurtig (drums, percussion), Göran Johnsson (lead vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion) The first impression of In the Middle, On the Edge (G S E Records GSCD001) is that someone has sequenced a handful of Genesis tunes and recorded them with his MIDI workstation. Actually, what drummer Tomas Hurtig and keyboard player Olov Andersson have done is record an album of instrumental compositions full of sections that sound frighteningly like something out of various Genesis albums from around 1972 to 1981. Additional inspiration has been scoured from Rutherford's Smallcreep's Day, some of Collins' drumming from his solo work, and even Yes or Pink Floyd. Some licks do sound like they are just one note away from a plagiarism suit, but though they give lot of incentive to play the game of Name That Riff, the band don't actually seem to steal anything, just rewrite things in the spirit of the originals. Most of the time they do it well, too, with only a few places where the arrangements make you feel the mixing engineer must have accidentally muted the lead track during final mixdown. The almost completely digital instrumentation gives the album a bit shallow, home studio sound, and will certainly have the Analog Orthodoxy screaming heresy, but the sampled Mellotron tones generally work okay. All in all, I have to say I like In the Middle, On the Edge. It has no breath-taking production values and should be issued with a "No originality included in the package" sticker, but the writing is good and playing shows real enthusiasm, certainly much better than most copy bands. If you like old Genesis and can accept the aforementioned defects, then try it out. You can always put it down to guilty pleasure. The band have subsequently acquired a full-time guitarist and bassist, and do live work as well. I know they did a (surprise, surprise) Genesis tribute concert in Helsinki in 1998, with Ageness' Tommy Eriksson doing the Gabriel impersonation (minus the dress and the fox head). It would probably be a safe bet to say that their second album (not yet released when this was written) will show some Genesis influence. -- Kai Karmanheimo
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