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Chandlier “Time Code” © 1997 inside out
Facing Gravity (92)

Chandlier “Time Code” © 1997 inside out

Просто замечательнейшея группа. Мощный и выразительный вокал в духе Питера Николса(IQ) Музыка, так же, находится в русле IQ, но играют немного жёстче, мощнее и сложнее.. Солирующими инструментами являются гитара и клавишные.Есть очень красивые синтезаторные пассажи, от которых захватывает дух.
В первой вещи небольшая вставка с женским вокалом (меццо сопрано) Все песни очень хороши. Нет сырых и недоделанных мелодий. Драматический вокал просто ПРЕКРАСЕН. Рваные ритмы, смена тем и мелодий, умеренная сложность (сложность не в ущерб музыке, т.е. навороты не ради наворотов, как например у Magellan или Mastermind) Чувствуется высокий профессионализм музыкантов. Диск записан ОТМЕННО. И уж как ни велика моя любовь к группе IQ, вынужден признать что эти ребята будут по-круче своих НАСТАВНИКОВ. Почему наставников? Да потому что они работают в духе, и НАПОМИНАЮТ IQ. Посему буду искать все работы этой замечательнейшей команды.
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Вот наконец то достал я и второй диск, этой замечательной группы, который не уступает “Time Code”.
Диск называется "Facin Gravuty" ©1992
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Далее копия из ГЕПРа Chandelier [Germany]
Updated 10/18/01
Pure (90)
Facing Gravity (92)
Time Code (97)

Great German band that is very much in the Marillion/Aragon style. Excellent Fish-like vocals. They have a single release out entitled Pure. Anyone who enjoys prog rock of this nature should have this in their collection!
Chandelier is generally touted as Germany's answer to Marillion. There is some merit to that general idea, especially between singer Martin Eden and Fish, but outside of that comparison, there are many other similarities as well. Pure is their first album, released in 1990, and is not bad for a debut album it offers although it doesn't really break any new ground. The playing is impressively tight, the songs are well written, the vocals (in English) are quite good, and the lyrics even stand on their own, it's just that they could be so much better if they were not so intent in following in the wake of others. Apparently their second album is out, but I haven't heard it yet.
One of the best of the Marillion clone bands. One release that I know of, Pure. Highly recommended to those of you who have already bought all the Marillion albums.
Warning, this is written by someone who doesn't get into Neo-prog as a general rule. I had heard from a few places that Chandelier were one of the better neo-prog bands so in my venture to become familiar with this style I decided to give Chandelier a shot. Well, the folks who claimed them as one of the better neos must also be Marillion fans. It would be very easy to think of Chandelier as the German version of Fish and Co. Being that I'm not a big fan of Marillion you would be correct to assume I'm not a fan of Chandelier, either. The emphasis is on the vocals and lyrical content both of which I rarely pay attention to. The solos are obligatory and not very exciting. The singer sounds very much like Fish though the lyrics aren't quite on par with the former Marillion front man. Within the realm of neo-prog, I have to give the nod to IQ and Jadis since they seem to be more Genesis influenced while Chandelier are obvious Marillion fans.
Once I had their third (73-minute) album in my collection. It was released by the same Steamhammer-SPV label: 1997's Time Code. As far as I remember, there were only two original members in that line-up. Although these guys had changed their usual (Marillion-like) style on this album quite radically (this time - towards the hard-edged style of Saga), this is still the same quite boring Neo Progressive. To me, Facing Gravity was even better ... no matter, though. -- Vitaly Menshikov
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