Японская группа Pageant. Поют на японском, на вокале женщина.
Настоящий интерес для любителя прогрока представляет только один единственный ПЕРВЫЙ диск группы La Masaique De La Reverie 1985 год . Огромное влияние на этот альбом оказали Genesis.
Второй диск группы (Abysmal Masquerade 1987) содержит в себе те же вещи, что и первый переигранные как-то более жёстко, неуклюже и коряво. Непонятно зачем было выпускать этот альбом?!
Третий диск The Pay For Dreams Sin 1989 содержит не выразительные, простенькие и бестолковые песенки, неизвестно для кого предназначеные.
Далее текст скопированный с разворота компакт диска Abysmal Masquerade

Considered as one of the most talented band of their generation. PAGEANT have known a long and complicated story, full of ups and downs.
Their first steps date back to the mid seventies with the formation in Osaka, with guitarist Ikkou Nakajiina's initiative, of a band called RUMBLE. Joined in 1976 by keyboardist Toshio Egawa. still a high-school student at that time. RUMBLE unfortunately split up only a few months later, without having recorded an album (one of their unpublished tracks has however reappeared much later on the "70's West Japanese Progressive Scene" sampler).
Nakajima and Egawa then made the decision to create a new band called FROMAGE. Throughout their 12-year-long experience, FROMAGE have undergone a "perpetual process change", with drummer Yuichi Taniguchi being the only original member to remain until the end
In Vj>"7&. Egawa joined SCHEHERAZADE in Older 10 replace iheir original keyboardist. He Then met the bassist Jutaro Ohkulw and the drummer Hideaki Indou as well as the guitar player Terutsugu Hirjyama (the future mentor of the famous TERU'S SYMPHONIA, with whom he would later form the highly successful NOVELA).
SCHEHERAZADE didn't unfortunately manage to record an album at the time (even if two unpublished tracks written by the band appear on the already above mentioned "7O's West Japanese Progressive Scene" sampler) but they eventually reformed in 1992 in order to release an eponymous album much influenced by Novela's works.
In 1980. Ikkou Nakajima left FROMAGE to form with Jutaro Ohkubo. Hideaki Indou and singer/keyboard player leteru Monno. a brand new- band called FASHION. While keeping typical progressive flavours, FASHION'S music took a commercial bend which caused Nakajima's departure after only one year.
Firmly decided to get back to his symphonic roots, this brilliant guitarist then gave birth to PAGEANT. The original line-up of the band included Nakajima and Monno. as well as the following three new recruits : Hiroko Nagai (Vocals & Keyboards), a 20-year-old-classically-trained vocalist: Noboyuki Nagashima, a bassist playing until then with the Camel-indue need band Cleopatra, and Shirokatsu Sato, who would soon give up his drummer's seat to the returning Indou.
In May 1982, PAGEANT played their first gig in Osaka, leteru Monno left soon after (he then totally disappeared from the musical scene, eventually dying from one long illness in 1993), and during the Autumn of 1983, the hand won the second prize at a national radio network festival ("NHK Young Talents").
PAGEANT'S gig at the Candy Hall of Osaka in 1984, on which occasion the musicians shared the stage with STARLESS (the band formed by ex-FASHION bassist Jutaro Ohkubo). was given a standing ovation from the audience. It also coincided with the first appearance of new member Kazuhiro "Mr Sinus" Miyatake (acoustic guitar & flute), whom Hiroko Nagai started working with on parallel projects (the brilliant "Barren Dreams" and "Dirge" albums, published in 1988 and 1990).
In March 1985, a track written by PAGEANT appeared on the "Progressive's Battle 1985" sampler, which led in May to a first concert at the famous "Silver Elephant" club in Tokyo Soon after, PAGEANT signed a contract with the Made In Japan label, after very promising negociations with the King/Nexus label.
Recorded between December 1985 and February 1986 at the Jam Studios in Osaka, the hand's first release entitled "La Mosa'ique De La Reverie", received a great critical acclaim.
Published only one year later. "Abysmal Masquerade" offers a brilliant collection of live tracks, alternative versions of old songs and brilliant new stuff.
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